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Meet JD Miniear

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JD Miniear for Congress

Meet JD Miniear

JD is a pro-growth, Reagan Conservative. He is committed to rolling back the regulators, balancing the budget and protecting the individual rights of Indiana families.   Turn out to vote in the primary this May!  Together we can return the power of the Government to the People of these great United States.

  • Balance the Budget: We MUST reign in government spending
  • Rollback the Regulators: Regulations are crushing Businesses
  • Defend the citizens: Provide for the common defense
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There are no upcoming events at this time.

  • Clip from Trevor Loudon’s new movie based on his best selling book ‘The Enemies Within’ premiering at our National Security Summit 4/30/16

  • Click to access candidate ratings in the IN-7th primary race Wayne Harmon “Somewhat Conservative” JD Miniear “Conservative” Cat Ping “Moderate”

  • Indy National Security Summit Saturday, April 30 (10 am – 4:30 pm EST) Indiana War Memorial Pershing Auditorium   Topics include: Economic warfare and financial terrorism EMP protection and hardening of our electric grid Putin’s reconstituting the old Soviet Empire Iran, North Korea and China ISIS Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law Open borders, refugees and amnesty Obama hollowing out our military Military readiness, morale and welfare of our troops and veterans Bringing back SDI is very cost effective Cyber security … read more