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JD Miniear for Congress

Meet JD Miniear

JD is a pro-growth, Reagan Conservative. He is committed to rolling back the regulators, balancing the budget and protecting the individual rights of Indiana families.   Turn out to vote in the primary this May!  Together we can return the power of the Government to the People of these great United States.

  • Balance the Budget: We MUST reign in government spending
  • Rollback the Regulators: Regulations are crushing Businesses
  • Defend the citizens: Provide for the common defense
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  • 1) Ambassador Hank Cooper January 19—SC Tea Party Coalition Convention Briefing: Assuring the survival and assured restart capability of our nuclear power reactors should be a top priority objective of all who seek to counter the existential threat to the electric power grid posed by Cyber or Physical attack or from manmade or natural EMP threats.  We are working with Duke Energy, the largest U.S. power company, to conduct a pilot study to demonstrate just such a capability. 2) Presidential … read more

  • As we come to year’s end this video segment Justice with Judge Jeanine Pirro which aired a few weeks ago is a clarion call for protecting our loved ones and this nation.

  • How to lose a war The president has telegraphed the nation’s vulnerabilities By Peter Vincent Pry – – Tuesday, December 15, 2015 “The Russians are laughing as us,” said one astute French observer as the U.S. amphibious landing in Portugal went badly. Numerous vehicles became mired in the sand during NATO’s Trident-Juncture-2015 maneuvers, described by NATO as its “most ambitious exercise in over a decade.” Intended to send Russian President Vladimir Putin a message, the fiasco went virtually unreported by … read more